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Zero DSR/X electric adventure motorcycle e-moto e-bike

Zero has a new adventure bike, with up to a 200 mile range! It’s not just a new version of the DSR, it’s been reworked in some surprising ways, and in some ways it borrows more DNA from the SR/S. First of all, it has almost 50% more power than the DSR, with the Z-Force 75-10X motor offering 100 horsepower and 225Nm of torque. The frame was designed from the ground up to handle the rigors of adventure bike riding.

Zero DSR/X electric adventure motorcycle e-moto e-bike

There’s an all new 5-inch TFT LCD display bright enough to read in full sunlight. There are 5 ride modes for on-road, 5 for off-road, and 5 user-customizable modes. They’ve put in improved Bosch vehicle stability controls and Bosch ABS.

The DSR/X claims 180 miles of city riding, 115 combined city/highway, but up to 200 when you ride it off-road, since you’re normally going slower when not on asphalt on an adventure bike. This is accomplished using a 17.3 kWh, which can be expanded to 21 kWh with an optional Power Tank upgrade.

Charge time for a standard Level 2 charger can charge to 95% in two hours, or you can upgrade to the 6 kW charger and get the same charge in one hour.


Backcountry Discovery Routes, or BDR, the leading experts in building out motorcycle adventure maps, is partnering with Zero to bring all of their epic journeys to electric motorcycle riders. In addition to retrofitting all of the existing digital BDR catalogue of routes with charging infrastructure information, BDR is partnering with Zero to complete one of their routes ridden entirely on the all-new DSR/X to make it easier to plan adventures.

It’s not a light bike. In fact, the curb weight is 544 lbs. An SR/S Premium felt heavy at 516 lbs. It can carry up to 556 lbs, and top speed is electronically limited to 112 mph.

Photography courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.


Starting price is $24,495 There’s a 5-year, unlimited mile warranty on the bike.


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