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Pop a Shot Pro Dual Shot is The Best on The Market Right Now

Are you ready to be the MVP of your home team? Take a shot at Pop-A-Shot today! It is the leader in basketball arcade games in America. In this article, we will give dive into the world of Pop-A-Shot!

The History Behind Pop-A-Shot

In 1981, Longtime basketball college coach, Ken Cochran was recovering after experiencing a heart bypass surgery. This challenging time sparked an inspiration to make a mini basketball on his desk. He had a local machine shop assemble a frame and a cabinet shop create the backboards. He then connected a volleyball net to serve as the return ramp. He named his very first game the “Triple Shot.”

How Big is a Pop-A-Shot Basketball?

Pop-A-Shot has different games, with a variety of dimensions. But typically they are between 81 inches and 94 inches tall, between 30 inches and 52 inches wide, and between 81 inches and 92 inches long.

What are the Pop-A-Shot Game Modes?

Pop-A-Shot has a couple of game modes that you and your family can enjoy for hours.


  1. Standard Play (2 Players): You start with 20 seconds on the clock.  Baskets are worth 2 points for the first 20 seconds and 3 points for the last 10 seconds. If you score at least 30 points in the first round and get a bonus of 15 seconds, and if you score at least 60 points in the second round and get a bonus of a total of 10 seconds.


  1. Standard Play-Solo: Same as game mode 1 but this is a single-player mode.


  1. Crisscross (2 Players): Players shoot at the opponent’s basket. The score is shown on the player’s side.


  1. Skeet Shooting (1 or 2 Players): The announcer says shoot and each player has only 3 seconds to shoot a basket.


  1. Sharp Shooter (1 Player): The announcer says “left” or “right” and the player has only 3 seconds to shoot a basket in the right hoop.


  1. Double or Nothing (2 Players): Set 30 seconds on the clock. The first basket counts as two points and then per subsequent basket counts as double. If no basket is made within 3 seconds, then the next one is worth 2 points.


  1. Overtime (2 Players): This mode is standard play with 1 minute on the clock.


  1. Sudden Death (2 Players): Set 15 seconds on the clock to score as many baskets as you can!


  1. Team (2 Players): Set 30 seconds on the clock. The overall score of both players is shown on both scoreboards.


  1. Free Play (1 or 2 Players): No clock! Each basket counts as two points.


As of June 2022, the highest score is set at 209 points on Game 1 mode 1. It was set at Pop-A-shots’s Worldwide Headquarters.

What Are the Main Features of Pop-A-Shot?

For years Pop-A-Shot has made the sturdiest, highest-quality arcade basketball games available. It’s big to accommodate the players, it’s 92” tall, 92” long, and 52” wide. It’s sturdy—1/4” thick steel frame, ⅝” thick backboard, heavy-duty vinyl ramp; and it weighs more than 100 lbs. Pop-A-Shot has an accurate scoreboard and uses the most advanced infrared scoring system ever and a lot more! Youtube channel, Ezvid Wiki even included Pop-A-Shot games in their 10 Best Arcade Basketball Games 2020.

Where to Buy a Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade System?

Head on to YBLGoods to get the best price for your very own Pop-A-Shot’s Pro Dual today. They provide 24/7 customer service and can assist you with any questions or concerns that you have! And when you’re all set, let us know in the comments section your best score. We would love to hear from you!

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