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Whether you’re riding your bike at day or night, there’s nothing more important than being seen. From new light systems to mount on your bike, helmet or clothes, over the years we’ve been happy to see some brilliant advances in bicycle lighting over the years. But, here’s one application we haven’t seen until now—smart, lighted pedals.

Redshift Sports—a company full of engineers who are also avid cyclists and triathletes, and have designed a wide array of cycling products—came up with the idea to make a set of pedals that lights up for safety. According to Redshift Sports, because your pedals are moving while you ride, a scientific study from Clemson University showed that these lights are 57 percent more visible compared to standard front and rear lighting.

“We’ve been happy to see some brilliant advances in bicycle lighting over the years. But, here’s one application we haven’t seen until now—smart, lighted pedals.” 

The aluminum platform pedals are built with sealed bearings and hardened steel axles, and the light modules fit inside the platforms and are held in place by rare-earth magnets. Weighing in at 610 grams for the pair (with the lighting modules in), the pedals are pretty heavy. Each lighting module is 30 grams. While the pedals themselves are a pretty standard design, there’s a lot of technology baked into the light modules. Each module has a battery, several COB LED lights, and the computing power to know if they are moving and which way they are oriented. They also have a built-in USB-A male charge port and come with a four-port charging hub, which will fully charge four lights in two hours.


Charging the pedals is easy with the hub, as is then inserting them into the pedals. You slide them in from the side, and they magnetically click into place. They don’t automatically turn on, which is a good, battery-saving step. Pressing the button on the outside of the pedal once on each light turns them to the brightest, fully on continuous setting. The front lights will always be white, and the rear-facing ones will be red. Spin the pedal, and it quickly figures out which way is forward. This orientation trick also works if you use the light modules on external mounts.

A second press of the button puts the module into a bright flashing mode. A third one gives you a not-as-bright Eco mode that provides the longest battery life. In Continuous mode, they claim it will work for three-plus hours. In Flashing mode, it offers 11-plus hours, and in Eco mode they claim it will last over 36 hours of use before needing to be recharged.

The pedals are smart enough to know when you’ve stopped as well. After 30 seconds of not moving, they’ll turn off automatically. After 150 seconds of not moving, they’ll go into sleep mode to further save battery life. They automatically wake up and go into the last mode you chose once you start moving again. If you fear riding with these in the rain, they are IP64 rated for water- and dust-resistance. We couldn’t shake the magnets out, and we did try.

Overall, we think these are a great safety accessory, especially for anyone who spends time riding at night. More light means more visibility, and these add a really nice custom look to any bike on the street. You can also buy external mounts for lights and even extra light modules. An extra module plus mount cost $39.99, mount is only for $14.99 or an extra light module is only $29.99.

Price: $139.99

Contact: www.redshiftsports.com 


• Very bright and visible

• Sturdy construction

• Rechargeable


• Pricey

• Heavy

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