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Trek has drawn another line in the sand with the new Trek Domane+ SLR, their significant road based product contribution, to the E-Road bike world. Based around the lightweight TQ motor which is near silent in operation, it hands a hat to nearly all other E-road bike competition out there and asks them to leave the room.

The Bike

Trek announces.

“The all new Domane+ SLR weighs in at just around 11.8 kg thanks to a lightweight frame design and compact e-system. The TQ harmonic pin ring e-system is remarkably lightweight, quiet and compact while packing enough extra power for the most epic adventures.”

The Geometry details are that it uses Endurance Geometry. Compared to the H1.5 geometry found on Madone and Émonda. Endurance Geometry means according to Trek, a taller head tube and longer wheelbase to, “maximize comfort and stability.”

All Domane+ SLR in the new range come with tubeless ready wheels, tires, valves, and TLR sealant.

The TQ Harmonic Pin Ring motor functions differently from other ebike motors, most other e-bike motors use gears and belts to transmit power. TQ say that these parts take up more space and can make noise or break. The HPR50 uses a harmonic drive transmission that’s small, simple, and dependable.

The TQ system’s specs

Up to 300 watts of assist, 50Nm of torque, 360Wh battery with a max assist speed of 28mph in the US, 25kph in EU & AU, 45 kph in NZ , other markets will be subject to local speed regulations.

“The Domane+ SLR doesn’t look, sound fit, or feel like an electric bike. It boasts a
lightweight carbon frame, whisper quiet motor, sleek controls and a road specific tune
for a true road bike experience with a subtle and powerful boost wherever you need
it.” (Trek)

The weight is listed as 25.90 lb on the top of the line model and costs $12,999.99. The range though has a $8,499.99 starting price.

It’s not a cheap product and this is highlighted by the fact it is compatible with electronic drivetrains only.

The battery is a 360 watt/hour unit integrated, that can take riders to a range of around 60 miles in Eco mode (or around 90miles) with the optional 160 watt range extender.


Trek says: “The Domane+ SLR was built with the same rider friendly features as the traditional Domane, including rear IsoSpeed to smooth bumps in the road and a stable endurance geometry for long haul comfort.”

The bike also can transition from road to gravel with ease due to the wide choice that’s possible with a variety of tire options. So it looks like Trek has created a possible market leading product to shake up the road market and make the competition pay attention. We expect to see some great sales for this innovative product.

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