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One look at Bianchi’s latest catalog would definitely remind us that when it comes to the world’s oldest bike brand, Bianchi (founded in 1885) certainly isn’t slouching when it comes to keeping up with current e-bike trends. Although best known for a performance legacy of race-winning (non-assist) road bikes, in recent years Bianchi has jumped into the e-bike market with a steadfast fervor, and for 2023 they are rolling out an extended family of e-bikes to catch the eye of every type of cycling enthusiast. 


When it comes to mountain and city bikes, Bianchi has introduced a new line of e-Vertic bikes that include styles for both mountain and urban riding. The FX-Type Pro is their new top-of-the-line mountain bike, featuring a carbon frame with elevated chainstays, 160mm of Fox-branded suspension travel, and a massive 750Wh Powertube battery with 85 N/m torque. Due to arrive in early 2023, beyond the tech details, the FX-Type Pro stands out with a eye-catching iridescent green color with a matt anthracite base.

Next in line is the FX-Type that is an aluminum version of the Pro with a bit less travel but the same 750Wh battery. Rounding out the mountain bike lineup is the X-Type, which is a wild-looking hardtail aluminum frame also with elevated chainstays that rolls on 29-inch wheels with a 100m-travel fork. The X-Type is available in three sizes and is powered by a 625Wh battery. 


Not forgetting what’s probably the brand’s biggest consumer reach, Bianchi has a new line of city bikes ready for urban riders. Dubbed the T-Type and C-Type, the bikes borrow from the curvaceous frame lines found with their dirt bike counterparts. From the step-through frames and suspension to the lighting systems and racks, these bikes utilize the type of utilitarian features that make for a safer and more enjoyable day-to-day cycling experience. The Tourer and Urban models are equipped with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a dual 400Wh and 500Wh battery option. The E-Vertic T-Type is available in grey, Emerald Green and Gold Stone, while C-Type colors come in Elegant Grey and Champagne.


“Arcadex” is the family name given to the new bikes that embrace the madly popular “gravel bike” craze that’s based on off-road-capable bikes with drop handlebars. Confused? Don’t be. Go into any bike shop today and you will find a full embrace of this old but new again category that is basically a revitalization of the ancient art of touring bikes. The biggest difference with these bikes versus the touring bikes of old is that mountain bike technology has rushed in with a wealth of features to make the off-road experience much more reliable—and faster! 

Bianchi surprised with this hardtail mountain bike with elevated chainstays and a 100mm travel fork.

There are basically two versions of the Arcadex. Based on the non-assist Arcadex gravel bike that preceded it, the e-Arcadex is intended for a more performance-oriented type of riding, although the frame does have front and rear eyelets for mounting racks. With the e-Arcadex Tourer that’s equipped with racks and lights as standard equipment, Bianchi is eyeing the true dual-purpose rider in need of commuter-friendly attributes. Both are equipped with the 250-watt Bosch Performance Line CX power unit, with 85 N/m torque and an integrated 500Wh Powertube battery.

In addition to this Arcadex commuter bike, Bianchi is also offering a more aggressive off-road specific gravel bike.

With more bikes (we’re told) still to be introduced, it’s impressive to see how a true legacy bike brand
continues to embrace modern technology as it contemplates its future heading into its second century as a brand.

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