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The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022
The Daily News for October 3 , 2022


JCPenney Lists Hot Holiday Toys, Macy’s Chimes In Too

Hamleys reveals top 10 Christmas 2022 toys

Selfridges predicts its best-selling Christmas toys for 2022

Target Details Holiday 2022 Toy Strategy

TV Guide, Metacritic, GameSpot Acquired by Fandom in $55M Deal With Red Ventures

You can now give a thumbs down to TikTok commenters, but dislike counts will be hidden

What’s new on Twitter? A TikTok-style feed and visible view counts.

How CEO Ynon Kreiz modernised Mattel and returned Barbie to its former glory

Hues and Cues Comes to Infinity Game Table from Arcade1Up

Hasbro Institutes the Brian Goldner Center

Season 2 of Cry Babies Magic Tears now available on Netflix

All in the Family: The Zawitz Family

MrBeast wants to make a Netflix series with 10,000 of his fans

Send Your Nominations for License Global’s Influentials

Newzoo: Gens Z and Alpha love games, but they don’t all play

My Little Pony gallops into Roblox to promote Netflix series

Opinion | I Make Video Games. I Won’t Let My Daughters Play Them.

Arby’s Announces Kids Meal Partnership with KIDZ BOP

Alisa Bowen has been upped to president of Disney+

🎄Holiday of Play🎄

Imaginations Take Flight with the Pinxies Hot Air Balloon

Abigalemcheers- Tristan and Abi are @needohofficial obsessed 🤩 Swipe through to see all the super fun @needohofficial they got 🙌💖.

BrentTV- World’s Smallest Mystery Collectibles! (Opening 10!)

MyFroggyStuff- Toys and Comics for Dolls?! World’s Smallest Micro Figures and Working Video Game Console

TransMissions: Transformers Toy News and Reviews!- Optimus Is So Metal (podcast time mark 5:39)

Dreamteamtoyadventures- #freeproduct Mini KerPlunk! How adorable!

Funwithlifenow- I need a mid-day snack, how about you? Nothing a little sugar from #sugarbuzzminis can’t fix 😁

ScottVsBox- World’s Smallest Atari 2600 Tiny Arcade Unboxing

Eaextremefun- Last week we had a fun day of play with TTPM ( @thetoyauthority_ )at their Holiday preview and got a glimpse at their Most Wanted list

Eaextremefun- Ella is obsessed with all things mini and @superimpulse is one of our go to for just that!

Nannymomrhonda- It’s never too early to start planning your shopping strategy for Holiday shopping. All aboard the toy train!

Littlemissnonam- Unboxing our first #SugarBuzz Minis-in-Minis!

Eviestoyhouse- Sugar Buzz Minis! Love that there are minis in the minis!

aic_podcast- 📦TINY THINGS📦

janzen.riley- I CANT handle these

Patch.com – Livermore, CA – Frightmare Home Haunt’ Halloween 2022: Livermore

7daysofplay – A giant Ring Pop version of Kerplunk?! Yes, please! #AD It was so easy to make, and so much fun to play! Best part? The @RingPopOfficial used in the game can double as your party favors! Read on below👇

Allisonmjoy – (#ad) Hadley and I made a fun party garland with @RingPopOfficial ring pops! It was perfect for Isla’s party and I think we might make another one to use as a countdown or as an incentive for being helpful or kind

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