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Enjoy the restorative benefits of both hot tub and cold plunge therapy in this multipurpose home spa essential. This hot and cold plunge tub holds 132 gallons of water and is just right for two people to fully immerse in a restorative spa experience.

If using as a hot tub, this charcoal-heated tub warms 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour and has a cover to ensure the heat is retained between uses. If you prefer to use your tub regularly as an ice bath, simply fill it up with cold water and add ice!

And that’s not all. This cold and hot tub has even more functionality thanks to the attached charcoal stove, which you can use to prepare an outdoor meal for two! Easily light the stove charcoal thanks to the combustion improvement feature; an air intake vent below helps to keep the fire going. Cleanup is also a breeze with the ash catcher below that can be emptied when finished.

To ensure optimal cleanliness and enjoyment of your spa, some chemicals are necessary to treat the water. Learn more about what you need to maintain your hot and cold plunge tub here.

Multipurpose tub can be used as a hot tub or cold plunge tub
Cover included to keep water clean and help retain heat
Fill tub with cold water and ice to use as a cold plunge tub
Charcoal stove attached for cooking
Charcoal stove can be easily lit, and the air intake vent below helps keep fire going
Natural pine design is aesthetically pleasing and blends in easily with outdoor decor
Heating time varies depending on the temperature of the water used to fill the tub; heats 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit/ per hour
Hot tub comes fully assembled
Technical Specs:

Heating Time: 1-3 Degrees Fahrenheit/Hour
Water Capacity: 132 Gallons
Person Capacity: 2 People
Dimensions: 76L x 30W x 25H inches
Material: Natural Pine Wood
Assembly Required: No

πŸ›’ BUY on Amazon:
πŸ›οΈ BUY DIRECT at ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5

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