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🛍 BUY NOW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9/5 Star Reviews
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✅ Installation Assistance for Garage Storage Lifts + All Our Products!
✅ NO Sales Tax! (ex Ohio)
✅ Price Match Guarantee!
✅ 2 Year Warranty!
✅ Phone, Email, Video, & Pamphlet Support!
👌 EASY Installation on Joists & Rafters

Have ANY Questions?
Give Us (Yes, a REAL Person!) a Call!
+1 (440) 678-7845

✅ Get your space back to park your car.
✅ Ideal for storing Bikes, Kayaks, Storage Boxes, Skis & Snowboards, Surf Boards, etc
✅ Stores up to 600 lbs Fast, Safely and Easily
✅ 2 powerful 50 Torque Motors
✅ Modernize your home & Increase Home Value
✅ Accommodates up to 13 ft. high ceilings
✅ Made of Steel – We use the Industry-leading thickest platforms! (1/4")
✅ FREE Keychain Remote ($50 Value)
✅ Only Lifts That Use Spax Power Lags

– 110V/120V Outlet (Standard for any American Home)
– 5×8 ft Working Area
– 5×5 ft Mounting Area with 3 Joists/Rafters

Includes: Master Remote, Keychain Remote, C-channel Support Beams, 4 by 8 Platform, Silver Motor Shelves and an Attractive Grey-Silver Finish. Uses vinyl coated steel cables (rated a total of 7200 LBS load capacity)

Brand: Auxx Lift

Lifetime Warranty on All Parts!

Returns: 180-Day Free Returns – Over 11,000 Lifts Sold!

Installation: A modern Garage Storage Lift can be done in just 2-4 hours. The mounting frame area on the ceiling that is required is 5’x5′ and you can have lights/sprinklers inside that area. The installation is similar to that of an automatic garage door opener. You work overhead on a ladder and find the 3 joists/rafters, bolt the strut channels on them, hang up the motors, and assemble the platform, then raise.

Safety: The lift has a deadman function and the platform will only move when the remote’s button is held down. The lift locks in place and it has multiple breaks. It was tested with 2400 lbs to UL-Standards (it also uses large SPAX lag screws). In case of an outage the motors stop and lock up.

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