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Trek with their last Rail model we tested two years ago, set an incredibly high bar and it became on of our favourite bikes of the season, with and ease of ride and product quality that few could match. So what about the new 2022 RAIL 9.9 XTR? We have been testing it for a month including in Molveno right in the dolomites, northern Italy. This area has about every type of trail known, so we feel now we have a good idea about what’s changed with the Rail and what’s possible with this new Model.

Video: Trek Rail 9.9 XTR Test

The Bike

The Rail 9.9 has undergone some changes compared to the previous version. The top tube has gotten longer, the head angle slightly more open and the drive system has improved with a brand new bigger 750wh battery. The new Rail also has five bluetooth connections allowing a detailed read-out of all the various data points that could be useful to the rider.

This is a top of the range product and it doesn’t disappoint the first time you sit on it and set it up. It has poise and feels ready to slay or just drift around on. The frame is very well finished, the gears gleam with their XTR shine and we are sure that overall the Rail can’t get any better than this… or at least we struggle to see how. It’s a very future first bike.


Trek have increased the capability of the Rail 9.9 XTR to a point where we don’t know if it can be improved again. It does everything so very well. It has every setting possibility one can ask for and is completely digital in design. Its like using a CD player compared to cassette tape in the early 80’s, you can hear and feel the quality improvements and know that there will be a long time before anything comes along to unseat this ride.

Its not cheap, it feels expensive though as a bike, so its not over inflated and slightly cheaper than the top of the line Specialized but with no significant lesser performance to it. If you get a cheaper version, they do retain the sensations that you find here.

We have a top 3 or 4 favourite bikes and the TREK Rail 9.9 XTR now kicks out the old Rail and takes it’s place in that top three.

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Molveno, Andalo – An epic riding location in Northern Italy.


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