Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Thats right an electric dirt jump bike. When we first saw this we checked to make sure it wasn’t April the 1st. It wasn’t so we took a closer look. Onyx have launched this dirt weapon, the LZR 500w, it seems to have pleased the public based on comments we have seen, at the same time we wondered if they had edited the comment section heavily? There is no doubt in the world of dirt jumping this might be a controversial product.

Dirt Jumping Onyx lzr 500w



Frame – 6061 T6 Alu
Fork – 100mm w/lockout
Wheels – 26″
Brakes – Textro HD-M285
Drive – 44T – 14T 170mm cranks
Motor – 500 W ONYX Dark Matter
Battery – 504wh
weight – 45lbs
Max rider weight – 300lbs
Price – $2799 (Pre-order offer)


Our Take

Riders who dirt jump need a lightweight bike thats robust and can be whipped around easily for all the different tricks they like to do. We have sat here trying to think of how and why you might need a dirt bike thats electrified, “How about a bike thats easy to ride back up to the top of the jump line…” was the answer that came back across the office. Yes, a valid point. Maybe an extra boost up the hill?

Looking at the key product specifications it has its own specific motor, which is centrally mounted plus an integrated battery. They even claim a range up to 70 miles and torque of 95nm. This then is not specs wise a compromise by any means in the world of electric bikes. It looks like it might possibly give you a boost into the jumps? Can it give you that perfect speed hit needed to clear the gap perfectly?

But wait there is a key specification that really jumps out (excuse the pun). Max rider weight 300lbs! This bike is going to be, if that specification has been tested, one of the most robust class 1 Ebikes on the market.

Its a robust ebike...


Honestly we want to try one, if it increases ride fun, then hey we are all for it. We will reach out to ONYX to see if someone we know can test it to the max, in the meantime it will be a mythical product that is not cheap compared to other dirt jump bikes, but certainly interesting. Dirt jumping is a niche part of the sport so we don’t expect to see huge numbers of this bike sold, but if people realize it’s one of the strongest bikes on the market it might appeal to those outside the subset of core dirt jumpers.


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