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Hello Electroheads! Eilis tests the Tenways CGo600 electric bike, a great option for people who live in cities with fairly flat terrain.

Its belt drive makes it a good low maintenance option, plus it has some impressive components, making it a good no-hassle e-bike.

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Since making this video back in March, I’ve switched to using the Estarli e28. It has almost identical spec to the Tenways, but is made in the UK, and has 8 gears, whereas the Tenways only has one.

This, plus its torque sensor motor, makes it better for getting up gradients and steep hills. You can check out the Estarli e28, and get the best price, on our website:


00:00 Meet the Tenways
01:17 Unboxing
02:21 Features
05:22 A bus hit me
06:24 Feel of ride
07:07 Cadence vs Torque sensors
08:37 Power assist
08:47 Range
09:54 The app
10:10 Price
10:39 A future investment

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Video length: 12:50
Category: Autos & Vehicles

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