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Canyon recently brought to market their 2022 Spectral:On CFR range of All Mountain bikes.  These are probably some of the most versatile electric mountain bikes on the market. Apart from having excellent handling, one of their key features is the ability to pack 900wh of battery into the carbon frame in one go. But how far and high does one of these batteries allow you to ride? Well, we joined the Hyper Enduro event in Abetone, in the central Tuscan mountains of Italy to find out.


A Brief Ride Log

It wasn’t a scientific experience in range but it gave us a good idea of how far we could ride on one charge. The idea was to ride between three ski resorts Abetone, Doganaccia, and Monte Cimone. They all have lifts, but even if we included the lifts on our ride we still had to climb at least 7000 feet. The payoff was more than 14,000 feet of descending. This was no small task even for a fit rider and a big battery.

At the top of the trails at 6000ft.


We were in a group of 15-20 riders for the whole day on a mix of bikes. Our aim was to ride in Boost or Trail mode the whole day and see if we could manage the complete route.

Doganaccia has high mountain exposed ridges that lead to epic descents.


The weather was good for most of the day, but of course, due to being in the mountains, the weather can be a bit fickle and it got thundery towards the end of the day. That meant the lifts were shut for safety reasons. So we had to take a detour and rode another trail and rode back down to a shuttle to get us back to our starting point in Abetone. Despite this change, the almost 40 miles off-road and 7 hours on the bike was in one-word epic!

The Route

900 Watts Of Battery – The Verdict

When we look at the stats the most important element when trying to judge battery range is the rider’s weight and fitness. We have noticed in our experience of a moderately fit rider that weighs 200 lbs with kit, most bikes for every 1000 feet of climbing we need about 200-250 watts of charge. This is not a hard and fast rule as air temperature, tire pressure, battery age, cadence choice, power mode and surface conditions can all influence the total range of an Ebike. However in this case we got back to base with still about 30% of the battery charge remaining, which is remarkable. To find out more about the 2023 Canyon Spectral:ON we recommend reading our recent test.

Route Stats

Bike: Canyon CFR Spectral ON
Motor: Shimano EP8
Battery: 900wh
Bike weight: 51.8 lbs
Rider weight: 198 lbs
Total Climb: 12431 ft / 3789 m
Climb Pedal Only: 7086 ft / 2,160 m
Climb Dist: 15 mi / 25.3 km
Total On Bike Descent: 14232 ft / 4,338 m
Descent Dist: 20 mi / 31.6 km

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