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🛍️ ON SALE at ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 + FREE Installation Assistance ONLY at YBLGoods!

✅ Lower the Electric Storage Lift Platform at the push of a button!
✅ EASY Installation on Joists and Rafters
✅ Remote Controlled
✅ No Lifting or Ladders
✅ Steel Aircraft Cables (UL-Standards w/100% Passing Grade)
✅ Built in the USA – Uses SPAX® PowerLags®
✅ Low Ceiling Hanging Height – Competitor’s lifts require 4+ ft.
INCLUDES: Motors w/cables, Platform, Hardware, Remote, Struts, Step-by-Step instruction Manual & Video Tutorials

What sets Auxx Lift apart?
– With over 11,000 Lifts Sold, we are bringing our patented garage storage technology to more homes than ever.

Ideal Storage Solution for
– Ideal for storing Bikes, Kayaks, Storage Boxes, Machinery, decor, etc.

Increase Home Value
– Modernize your home while increasing your home value at the same time.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
– We offer a 60-day hassle free money back guarantee.

The Ultimate Storage Solution!
Our motorized lifting platform maximizes the overhead storage potential of your garage. The Auxx-Lift comes in various sizes, colors, and lifting capacities, allowing you to modify your overhead storage to fit your needs.

– Easy to Use
– Remote-Controlled
– Safe and Secure
– DIY or FREE Installation Assistance through ONLY!

🛍️ ON SALE at

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