Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Official figures released today show that the EU exported $920 million dollars of bikes, both ebikes and non ebikes. At the same time, $1,896 million dollars of bikes were imported to the EU.

These figures make interesting reading for the the Amercian market and its dependence on imports. Over the last 20 years the EU has proceeded on a reshoring exercise that has accelerated in recent years. Official EU data shows an explosion in electric bike imports to the EU with 1.148 million ebikes being imported. These numbers are a thirty seven percent increase on the previous year.

“Imports of electric bicycles into the EU came primarily from Taiwan (57% of total extra-EU electric bicycle imports), followed by Switzerland (13%), Vietnam (11%), China (7%) and Turkey (6%).”

Its time for USA policy makers possibly to examine the EU model. The source of the EU exports includes countries like Portugal which alone produced 2.9 million bikes out of a total of 13.5 million bikes produced inside the EU. For comparison the USA only produced 500,000 bikes in 2020.

This growth shows the value of focusing on cycling as an industry and the importance of new transport policies globally.

*data from eurostat

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