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All this started when I had to buy a birthday present for my kid. I wanted to give him everything that I can, but I kept thinking what is the best toy for the kid that could make him happy?

Is it the talking hamster cat toy that will be something wonderful?

I just had the idea that I can buy a hamster toy but didn’t know which one to buy for. It was a fine morning right before the day of his birthday while I sat with my computer, used the internet effectively, and came out with some very random research and awesome result.

Which best talking hamster toy I could buy? There were some amazing options in front of me. If you are thinking of buying a beautiful present for your kid, here is the output of my research for you!

Before you go let’s check this funny compilation,

5 Best Talking Hamster Toy Reviews – The Mimicry Pet Toy

1. GAMT Talking Hamster

GAMT Talking Hamster

As a little, cute present, GAMT Talking Hamster will be the perfect talking hamster toy that you can give to your kid. Normally, you can buy it for kids of almost all ages.

But, normally for the kids in their four, it is more perfect. This little rabbit will say exactly that word what your kid or you will speak. English, Spanish, French, or any other language- with its critter voice, GAMT Talking Hamster will imitate it within the moment. This is a more innovative way to keep your kid busy. It will be a hilarious and fun gift for your little one.

While talking, this toy moves its head up and down a little bit. So, for your kid, it will be a little lively thing to have as a companion. At this age, you may not want to give him a real rabbit. This cute toy will do the job perfectly. It’s a little bit loud. So, take it only after assuring that your kid is happy with it.

2. The Original Talking Hamster

The Original Talking Hamster

You must know the talking tom. We all are very used to it. But, the actual representation of it is the Original Talking Hamster. It is not only a funny toy, but it’s also fluffy too. Your little kid will enjoy the comfortable touch of it. It is made of cotton.

So, you will find this toy super soft. It has so many different options. It can figure out the tone, volume, and other voice factors. So, with a different voice, it changes its voice pattern. It records and delivers sounds the way it is given.

Normally, the makers of this product Chiachi are a very reputed and customer-centric company. So, their product has the exact things that are required for a particular age sector.

But, keep in mind that, to enjoy it properly you have to go for the original toy. Even if it dances, the toy won’t fall. Besides, your child will get something to hear from the original talking hamster toy in whatever language he/she talks. You even don’t need to provide different types of batteries for this toy. You can use any type of alkaline battery to make it work.

hamster toy installation

3. SEALEN Talking Hamster

SEALEN Talking Hamster

There are so many talking hamster toys around the market. Then, why will you go for the SEALEN Talking Hamster? It will help you to surprise your kid in a very different way. You are taking the best mimicry talking hamster for him/her that is one thing.

But, which color do you want to gift? Does your kid have any favorite color? This talking hamster toy will provide you the opportunity to choose it.

Besides, the material that has been used in making, it will amaze you. It has very soft and comfortable touch. So, your kid’s health will be secure totally. Before that, you have known something that can differentiate between the male and the female. Like the others, SEALEN Talking Hamster can speak a different language too.

But as an added quality, this toy can laugh and do all the noise that your kid does. That means it will imitate almost everything. It has an automatic touch part. It will shake its head when you will touch it. While talking, this toy will use its head even. it is mainly produced for kids whose age is more than 3. What about your kid?

4. Ayeboovi Talking Hamster

Ayeboovi Talking Hamster

These days’ parents normally want their kids to get out of video games and get into something real. If your child is not that old and you don’t want to provide him/her a pet for their health issue, Ayeboovi Talking Hamster can be a better option for you.

It has a cute face with a chubby body that will make you say ‘Awwwww’!

Just like the others, this toy also imitates its critter voice. With everything it talks, this toy will shake its head in a way that your kid will find a cute and amazing company.

Ayeboovi Talking Hamster has a switch. You just have to turn it on before playing. You will find the switch in the toy’s back. It is fluffy and preferably healthy for children. But still, for kids of 3+ age, this toy is considered as perfect.

5. Talking Hamster Plush Toy

Talking Hamster Plush Toy,

Till now we were talking about the talking hamster toy which you can gift to the 3+ old kids. But Talking Hamster Plush Toy is something different. 1/2/3/4/5… whatever age your kid is off, you can make sure their gift is something very amazing with this plush hamster.

It is not different than the other talking toys. Very cute, very fluffy, and entirely awesome- all these things go with the Talking Hamster Plush Toy. It will imitate all the things, even your giggles, and smile too.

If you make a very normal sound it will answer you with a shaking head. It shakes its head while you will pat him. For your kid, you can think about something that lovely and lively!

Best Talking Hamster Toy

What do you need to know about the toys?

Every parent wants to ensure two things in all the toys for their kids. These are-

Safety and Fun!

Talking hamster toys are something that has so many qualities. But especially, these two! So, you already know a lot about these toys. Things you need to know before buying any of them are,


There are so many fake brands out there. Are you taking the fake one too? Be sure about that. There are ways through which companies try to ensure their real product. In some places, they use tags, wherein in other places they use the logo. Know it clearly and go for the real one.


All the hamster toys are not Children Product Certificate positive. If it is, then there will be written proof on the packing. So, before buying any toys, check the package first.


As the hamster toys are fluffy, it can contain germs in it. So, before using it, for safety reasons, wash it once.

Allergy issue

Does your kid have any type of allergy? Before giving them a fluffy toy, let’s check it once. Otherwise, that will create more problems for them in the future.


Where some talking hamster toys are good for 4+ kids, some can be used for kids of all the age. So, be sure about the toy you are taking for your kid.


And lastly, you need to go through all the reviews of the toy that you are going to buy. People’s experiences will enlighten you through the best talking hamster reviews. There are so many resources out there. You just have to go through the reviews of the toy that you have chosen. If you want some real perspective, you will get it here. I became very benefited by this.


So, there is some unavoidable question that most of the parents have in their mind as I had. Let’s know the answers-

1. How do these toys run?

  • Most of the talking hamster toys work through the battery. Though, the batter that you have to use on them differ from one another.

2. Will, it hurt my kid?

  • Of course not. All the talking hamster toys are made of cotton and very soft coverings. It won’t hurt your kid.

3. Would a talking hamster be perfect for my little kid?

  • Of course, it will. But for this, you have to make it sure that you have taken the certified and the age suitable toy for him/her.

4. Does it know all the languages?

  • These toys just imitate. It will imitate all the language and sounds that it will hear.

5. Is there any side effect of these toys?

  • Of course not. But, for allergy issues, before buying it, you can check your kid and make the decision properly.



Ready to buy one of the most intelligent and talkative toys for your kid? I don’t know which one you have chosen. But, with the best talking hamster toy, your kid’s enjoyment will be doubled; that’s for sure!

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